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Mysłowice, ul. Mikołowska 29
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Silesia Games is an independent game development company located in Poland.

Our team is a cast of full time weirdo professionals that excel in what it takes to deliver you the best possible experience in mobile gaming... but to make sick games we had to go mental ourselves. Without further ado, meet the gang:. Big Daddy - the team leader who has to.. do everything (for example, he hired us... bold move by the way). He is so rad and hip, that his commuting method of choice is a decommissioned vintage military chopper. It wouldn’t be so crazy, but for the fact that he lives 10 minutes from office. Don't ask what the point is, we don't know either. JJ - 2D graphic designer, we suspect that he is on some kind of undisclosed substance most of the time. Because we ought to have an explanation for his amazing art. Have you ever thought "wow, this space looks so real, like he has been there!” You know what? He actually might have been there. Moreover, every time he call us, he begins with “Houston, we don’t have problem... It is awesome.” Level designer – the one that is handsome, intelligent, honest, shy and decent. Very important person in our team with plenty of duties. One of them is.. writing company description in facebook fan page. Coder - no one has seen him. They say that Big Daddy has locked him in a cellar and all the Coder does is programming... all the time... He does not need any water nor food. He feeds himself with bugs (Got it? like “bug”... In programming. Funny. Isn’t it? No? Ok then…). There still the rest of the crew: The 3d modeller, The Programmer, The 2d Artist, as well as other outsourcers - Voice actors, Movie makers and many more. We choose wisely and pick only talented people. They are all addicted to their work or... to something else, as it turns out at times.

Opis firmy:Currently we are focused on indie games and mobile entertainment.


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